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Diva DealsNovember 26th, 2012

50% Off Horseradish Grill

You know about the Horseradish Grill.

AKA, the city’s oldest continuously operating restaurant.

Gourmet Southern style cuisine.

Fresh, locally-grown ingredients…  Read More

Diva DealsNovember 15th, 2012

Jumpstart your core—Before 2013 with Atlanta Core Fitness

You + Atlanta’s Best Trainer 2011 + Dietician + Chef + Life Coach = Accountability that works…

… Even through the holidays.

Step 1: Register to or 404.869.7225.

Step 2: Start November 26, and go until January 18. You’ll get:   Read More

EventsOctober 16th, 2012

Halloween Contest: Do You Put the Spook in Spectacular?

She saunters into the room, and jaws drop. In her hand is a Bloody Mary – extra spicy.

She could be a young Elvira – only, she’s wearing Alexander Wang. And she’s killing it.

Mistress of the Dark, eat your heart out. There’s a new Diva in town.

We’re dying to know what you’re wearing this Halloween—And where you’ll be. Read More

Diva DealsApril 16th, 2012

Sourcing Loclly? Piece of Cupcake

What’s all this about a comp’ed cupcake?

It’s your intro to Loclly—a daily deal list only for those who can afford Louboutins in black AND nude.

Subscribe here, and get 50-90% off merchandize you’ll actually buy.

Groupon = Inbox overload
Yesterday’s spam
So 2009

Enough already. Divas do not do mass market. The plastic gets swiped only for what’s worth buying. Read More

Diva DealsApril 10th, 2012

The Diva Event Checklist: Unique Events of Atlanta

The Diva Event Checklist:

1. Cocktails (of course)
2. Elite Atlanta
3. See #1.

Why manage the checklist when someone else can do it for you? Hello, Unique Events of Atlanta. (Keep reading because, 50% discounts apply when you mention Social Diva—and space is limited.)

Examples d’jour:

Massacre at The Mardi Gras Interactive Murder Mystery Event
There’s a reason this event is on repeat. (See dates below.)
When: May 5, 6, 19 & 20
Where: Ambient Plus Studios, 585 Wells St @ 2pm and 6pm Read More

Diva DealsJanuary 17th, 2012

JewelMint: Become a Member for Diva Perks

Kate Bosworth pinged, diva. She wants you to wear her new line of designer jewelry.

How? Do tell.

1. Become a JewelMint member.

Read More

Diva DealsNovember 1st, 2011

Sample Sale for the Beauty Addict

You have standing appointments at the salon for brow, hair and mani maintenance and your bathroom pretty much looks like Sephora.  So what else do you need?


Get pampered and pretty at The Beauty Sample Sale, hosted by and SHAPE Mag, on Wednesday, November 9th from 6:30-9:00pm at The Loft, 170 Northside Drive.

Complimentary services ranging from new ‘dos to spray tanning from some of the hottest shops including: Bob Steele Salon, Golden Sol Tanning, Melange Hair Studio and more. Read More

Diva DealsApril 20th, 2011

Loclly Spa Deals That Are Fit For a Diva

You’ve got a schedule so jam-packed that it makes Kim K look lazy.  To you, work-life balance means making sure that your outfit can go day to night without blinking an eye.  It may be about time to hit the pause button and recharge.

Rejuvenate and relax with an AH-MAZING 60-minute Essential Massage at Vida Spa for $15 ($75 value) from the exclusive deal destination site Loclly. Um…80% off?  Yes, please.

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Diva DealsMarch 9th, 2011

Listen to Jalyn’s Pushing Through Walls for Free

Being an ATL diva comes with its challenges.

You’re constantly stressed out by everyday issues, like which opening night to attend; rush hour 24/7; time for Mani AND Pedi; and avoiding 400 at all times…for example.

Even your therapist says you need more R&R­ (rhythm and relaxation).

Why not try JALYN to get you through the day?

Every song on his just-released EP, Pushing Through Walls, tells its own story of breaking away, and his groove? Completely habit-forming. Read More

Diva DealsMarch 4th, 2011

Loclly Exclusive Deals That Are Actually Exclusive

Groupon?  Yawn.  Living Social?  So last week.  HalfOffDepot?  Hello D-list.

Every diva wants to be on The List, but she knows there’s a big diff between the A-list and the D-list.

Besides, Groupon needs to IPO already.

We understand – when it comes to daily deal sites, you’re jaded.  You’ve heard the pitches before.

But Loclly has a new take.  Think the swag room at the Oscars.  Free stuff from hot designers and trendy spots.  Plus, it’s a real list.  Only people who can afford those Valentinos – in black and nude – need subscribe.

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